We cannot and will not ship the following items: 

Guns and Gun Parts (Includes airsoft guns and pallets) 

Weapons Hazardous Materials (Ex. Matches, Chemicals, Explosives, Batteries)

Security camera, Spy cameras, Hidden cameras, Night Vision or CCTV cameras, drones etc

Hair Gels/Hair wax



Pornography and videos containing nudity 

Prescription Drugs 

Tactical Equipment (Night vision glasses, Handcuffs, Lasers) 

Combustible/Flammable Items (Ex. Paints, Oils, Spray Cans, Compressed/Pressurized Cans, Lighters) 

Items Under Pressure (Ex. Shaving Cream, Aerosol Cans, Deodorant Cans), Certain Cosmetics 

Radios (Scanners, Two-way radios, Radar Detectors) Foodstuff (Chocolates, Pet food) 


Animal Skins and Furs 

Non-prescription and prescription Drugs 

Coffee beans

Above list is indicative only and may change in future.