We cannot and will not ship the following items: 

Guns and Gun Parts (Includes airsoft guns and pallets) 

Weapons Hazardous Materials (Ex. Matches, Chemicals, Explosives, Batteries)

Poisonous substances

Controlled substances, any item that contains controlled substances or paraphernalia
Non-prescription and prescription drugs

Toxic substances, including inhalation hazards

Gasoline, diesel or other fuels

Lighters containing fuel

Security camera, Spy cameras, Hidden cameras, Night Vision or CCTV cameras, drones etc

Hair Gels/Hair wax

Plants/Seeds, Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides


Pornography and videos containing nudity

Adult novelty toys

Tarot cards, oujia boards, poker/gambling products and similar items 

Tactical Equipment (Night vision glasses, Handcuffs, Lasers) 

Combustible/Flammable Items (Ex. Paints, Oils, Spray Cans, Compressed/Pressurized Cans, Lighters) 

Items Under Pressure (Ex. Shaving Cream, Aerosol Cans, Deodorant Cans), Certain Cosmetics)

Radios (Scanners, Two-way radios, Radar Detectors) 

Foodstuff (Chocolates, Pet food) 


Animal Skins and Furs 

Coffee beans

Overly fragile items

Musical Instruments (due to certain materials used to manufacture them; such as Rosewood, mother-of-pearl etc.)

Please note: during the summer months, Mr. Babu is not ordering/delivering any beauty items, food products or items that have a formula/consistency that may be compromised due to weather conditions. We want to ensure the highest quality possible for items ordered and due to weather conditions during transportation and in country, we cannot confirm this. 

Above list is indicative only and may change in future.